Complex Projects? Don’t panic!

Our itinerary

Eight problems, and how to solve them

  1. A lack of availability of key roles

What lessons have we learned during this time?

  • We must call a spade and try not to be fooled by specific problems.
  • We need to remain highly flexible to be able to adapt to the changes that will surely happen throughout the course of the project.
  • More haste, less speed. We need to take time to think things through before taking any action that might affect the project.
  • People are an asset in themselves, so we need to actively listen and talk to all participants in a project (client, providers, external collaborators, the team…) on a regular basis.
  • We need to keep project management separate from the problem-solving methodology we use. While it is important to have a specific methodological framework, it is essential not to lose sight of the scope and goals of the project so as not make the mistake of betting everything on one fashionable methodology or framework.
  • There are common management issues in all projects that should be closely monitored: people management, risk management, budget management, project planning, quality monitoring, customer support, communication management, and expectation management.



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